Tuesday, March 8, 2011

random things I know about you

You married once. You converted to do that. Your sibling situation mirrored mine--youngest daughter with an older brother and sister. New York native. Lived all over after marrying Dad; Hawaii, North Carolina, Virginia, New York again, California, Illinois, Japan, Arizona. Got your Master's in Library Science when I was in high school (made me very proud). Drove a huge, multi-ton bookmobile and had lots of fun helping kids find books and bringing requests to far-flung patrons.

Were a mere slip of a thing; I doubt you were ever over 120 unless you were pregnant. Told me your best feature was your feet. Loved dance, all kinds, ballet especially. Learned to tap dance with Dad. Acted in community theatre productions and reveled in it. Read constantly, did the NY Times crosswords as well as acrostics, which make my brain hurt.

I used to tease that you were part crow because you so loved shiny things. Sparkly clothes, glittery jewelry. You loved to dress up. Did your own nails and I don't often recall seeing your toes unpolished. We were told not to speak to you in the morning until you'd had coffee and breakfast. (Smart advice) Once went to your dentist feigning an emergency and scared him to bits with fake fangs in place.

Cooked wonderful pot roasts. You often told me that Thanksgiving dinner was your favorite meal to cook; it took all day, but you loved eating it and having the leftovers. Other than that, I know you loved to eat out (Welcome Home Mom, what's for dinner?). Really enjoyed the SD apartment--decorating "The Hideaway". The wall of tiny mirrors--I love those.

I'll make more notes soon. Love you, miss you! XXOO

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